Bringing Home The Biomass

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In our second blog about how we are reducing our environmental impact, we are going to talk about are expansion into Biomass, and how the cleaner heat we generate for our recycling plants.

So what are Biomass boilers?

Biomass boilers are similar to conventional gas boilers but instead of using gas, they are fed with waste wood to generate their heat output.

When wood is received into our processing centres, it is separated by grade, so that we can recycle and reuse high grade wood and timber, and the remaining waste wood is used to fuel our biomass boiler, eliminating the need to transfer wood to landfill.

The Biomass boiler pictured below is located at our facility in Wrexham, and provides both heat and hot water across the other buildings on the premises.


























Want to know more or even arrange a site visit to come and see it for yourselves?

Get in touch with our Group Environmental Manager Tom Farrell on email at to arrange a site visit!

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