Battery & Vape Recycling

Battery Recycling

It is imperative that batteries are safely collected and disposed of. The improper disposal of batteries can, and does, lead to safety incidents across the waste management sector on an almost daily occurrence. Just search ‘bin lorry fire’ in a popular search engine and you’ll get an idea of just how much of a hazard they are. A report by the Environmental Services Association found that more than half of all recycling and waste fires are caused by batteries.

Waste batteries are classed as a hazardous waste and legislation therefore dictates that it must be kept separate from general, non-hazardous waste.

Dead batteries of all sizes which are discarded with other wastes are likely to be compacted, crushed or punctured either when the waste is collected or it is processed at a waste management facility. Some battery types can ignite or even explode when this happens, which sets fire to combustible materials present in the waste leading to major incidents that can put lives at risk.

Vape Recycling

Much like batteries, a recent trend has shown disposal vapes to be the cause of a large amount of fires within the waste and recycling industry, not to mention the fly-tipping of these items to be a blight on the landscape. There is a built-in lithium battery enclosed within the vape unit; when this is pierced in transit it is highly likely to ignite and result in a fire.

Again, it is a legal requirement to keep this waste stream separate from other wastes.

How do I dispose of Batteries and Vapes?

Our waste battery and vape containers are tidy, convenient and safe ways of storing your waste before we arrange a compliant collection.

We also offer a WEEE collection service for waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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