We are Carbon Neutral!

 In General News

ASH Waste Services are proud to announce that we are now certified carbon neutral.

Carbon Neutral

As an expanding commercial waste and recycling service provider, we recognise the growing impact we have on the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint is at the forefront of all current and future developments and plans to innovate and continue to lead in our sector.

This is the next big step in our ultimate journey to Net Zero, continuing to innovate our collection services to ensure we deliver a reliable but also environmentally conscious service to all our customers.

To become Carbon Neutral, we have measured, reduced and then offset the direct carbon emissions from our operations. However, our commitments do not stop here. We look to constantly measure and find new ways to reduce our direct emissions, one example of this is working with renewable energy options, avoiding the use of fossil fuels, and converting many of our operations to electric where possible.

Our Managing Director, Neil Hassall has said:

“Reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions is absolutely the right thing to do. The impacts that global emissions are having are undeniable and we must act now if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. We are on the journey to Net Zero and are committed to offsetting direct emissions annually.”


ASH Waste has offset enough carbon to fuel 1160 cars or power 630 homes every year!


What’s next?

We will not stop at Carbon neutral; we will continue to work on both our direct and indirect emissions, committing our business and its developments to decades of continuing to reduce our carbon emissions produced from our waste and resource management services. We will continue to invest in renewable energy and educate our staff about best practices to reduce our environmental impact.


As we continue to reduce our carbon footprint, we are working with Carbon Footprint Ltd (VCS1114) to create a clear pathway for us to achieve our goal of Net-Zero. This is by no means an easy journey, but the pathway to Net Zero is one that all sustainable businesses should look to take, and sooner rather than later.


What can your business do?

Reducing your carbon footprint and overall environmental impact is now a necessity for every business as the world continues to combat the growing issue of climate change. Although this is a global issue, your small changes will be part of a much bigger impact.

The first step for any business is to reduce direct contributions to your carbon footprint, such as looking to invest in renewable energy sources, converting vehicles to alternatives to internal combustion engines, such as electric, hydrogen or hybrid alternatives and encouraging your staff to limit energy usage and limit the consumption of fossil fuels where possible.

For information on how we can provide a local, reliable and sustainable commercial waste and recycling service for your business, get in touch today!